A Message From Our CEO:  Retired Police Chief John Herring

Chief John Herring 2.png

In summer of 2019 (before any of us were aware of the COVID pandemic), I was looking forward to my upcoming retirement as the Chief of Police for Holly Springs, NC. In early 2020, I joined forces with my 2 business partners at HempLab who were already selling PPE supplies to municipalities and drug testing labs. We had just started selling hemp testing equipment to law enforcement agencies when the pandemic first reached our shores. As a result, the funding for these equipment purchases (which came from local sales tax) quickly dissipated as businesses across the nation were forced to shut down because of COVID. 

In response, our focus quickly returned to providing our customers with PPE, in particular the hard to find but much needed Nitrile Gloves.

If your business, hospital or government agency is in need of Nitrile Gloves, submit your request on our Price Request page and we will reply within 24 hours.

Stay Safe!

Chief John Herring (Retired 2020)


HempLab, Inc.