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Interview with FluroTech COO Rex Cary

FluroTech announced Monday it had entered into a U.S. distribution agreement with HempLab allowing the companies to collaborate to introduce the CompleTest to regulatory bodies and law enforcement agencies on the East Coast. “What it used to be before the Farm Bill is that law enforcement could be using dogs, the dogs would smell it, they’d stop a truck and then they’d impound the truck,” Kary said. “Well a dog can’t tell the difference between hemp and marijuana so what has to happen now is somebody’s got to take that sample.”

The COO said law enforcement can send the sample off to DEA labs, however there are only 47 DEA-approved labs in the U.S. making the turnaround for results “extremely problematic.”  “Law enforcement is trying to find ways that they can be testing in the field and get early results,” Kary said, adding one of HempLab’s founders is a police chief. “He wants to bring this to the regulatory bodies and show them that they can be testing in the field or at a nearby precinct and get the results back in minutes, if not an hour or two.” The quick results will allow police to send truckers on their way rather than holding a truck for days, he said. “We’re able to deliver a product that will allow the regulators to catch up with that legislation,” Kary said.

Globe Newswire   |   Calgary, Alberta   |   March 23, 2020


FluroTech LTD, a technology company focused on becoming the standard in the analytical Cannabis and Hemp testing market, is pleased to announce it has entered into a non-exclusive agreement with North Carolina based HempLab Inc.

The distribution agreement provides for FluroTech and HempLab to work together to introduce the CompleTestTM  to regulatory bodies and law enforcement agencies on the east coast of the United States with the goal of having CompleteTestTM become an approved testing device to accurately determine if a sample of biomass contains more than 0.3% THC, the legal limit to be classified as Hemp under the USDA guidelines.

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Interview with Holly Springs Chief of Police John Herring - Nearing the End of an Era

What made you decide to be a police officer?

Growing up, I was always involved in athletics and team sports. I was also interested in the military. I was in ROTC in high school. My interests were really baseball and the military. Growing up in rural N.C. in Wayne County, I had a fascination with police officers. I didn’t see them often, but when I did, I admired them.

I served three years in the military, and the team and camaraderie seemed like a natural fit for me. I originally was interested in being a State Trooper, and at that time in the early 90’s, it was tough to get work in law enforcement here. I went through their training process and wasn’t selected, so my wife and I thought that maybe local law enforcement would be better. I have to give my wife credit for bringing me to Holly Springs. 

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Interview with Atlanta Entrepreneur David Claassen

David, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
I first arrived in Atlanta in 1991 when my family moved here from Sydney, Australia. As an 11-year-old kid, it took me a while to adjust to the slower pace of Atlanta. Keep in mind, and I had just left Sydney where I was taking two trains and two buses to and from school every day since eight.


After graduating from The Lovett School in Atlanta, I attended the University of Georgia where I was a punter for the UGA football team from 1998-2002. In order to earn extra money – and get a free beer! – I spent three to four nights a week playing violin with various music groups all over Athens. After graduating in 2002 with a BA in Spanish and Global Studies, I continued playing the violin and toured with multiple Americana and Rock/Pop groups. I also recorded strings on many albums, which earned me a spot as a Grammy voter.